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Do I Need A Visa For Sri Lanka

Do I Need A Visa For Sri Lanka? – All answers


The experts of the country that you’re making a trip to are in charge of setting and implementing the principles for passage.

In case you’re hazy about any part of the passage prerequisites, or you require promoting consolation, you will need to get in touch with the high commission, embassy or the consulate of the region that you are willing to travel at.

You ought to likewise consider checking out with your travel organization or with the transport provider to ensure your visa and the travel reports that you need, meet their prerequisites.

To enter Sri Lanka, travel papers ought to have one clear page and be substantial for no under a half year from the date of entry

Visas to Sri Lanka are required by all nationals alluded to in the outline above. So, if you want to enter Sri Lanka, their policy is that you must pose a visa. You can get a short stay visa online at Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)…

Traveler visas are typically given for a maximum time of only 30 days. In spite of the fact that it’s as yet conceivable to get a vacationer visa on entry, it’s smarter for you to have one preceding your travel.

If somehow, you arrive on the ground of Sri Lanka without possessing a visa, you can and you will probably face certain delays. For the most up to date information on visas check with the Sri Lankan High Commission in the UK.

If you face certain difficulties, with ETA system, or in case you’re going for unpaid or paid work, you should apply to get your visa from Sri Lankan High Commission before you start your travel.

Exceeding your visa probably will draw in fine and conceivable confinement and expulsion. On the off chance that you have exceeded your visa, then you should report that to the Department of Immigration and Emigration.

Visas upon arrival have been forbidden for all voyagers landing from Guinea and from Sierra Leone

Do I Need A Visa For Sri Lanka

Vacationers and business voyagers ought to fulfill application online through the (ETA) on their website (visa-sri-lanka.com) and to pay the imperative application expense.

It’s suggested applying for a visa before you even travel.

If you want to apply in person you can do that at the closest office (or consular area of high commission/international safe haven) or on the web.

For the tourist visa of ETA, you will have to wait generally two days, and sometimes even less.

On the off chance that you apply through the international safe haven/high commission, permit four working days for visa preparing.

Visitors can demand to extend their visa by applying to the Department of Emigration and Immigration on their website (www.immigration.gov.lk).

This is issued at the circumspection of the specialists who needs to be satisfied with the funds you have or he can return your traveling ticket.


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