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Where Is Sri Lanka Located

Where Is Sri Lanka Located? – Culture Trip


Sri Lanka is an island country in the Southern part of Asia continent which is located at the Indian Ocean to the southeast of Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal.

Sri Lanka has been culturally and historically intertwined with the Indian ocean but it is geographically separated by Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar.

It is located between longitudes 81°53′ E and 79°41′ and latitudes 9°51′ N and 5°55′. This wonderful country covers about 139 miles width and 286 miles length.


  1. History of Sri Lanka
  2. Culture of Sri Lanka
  3. Little Adams Peak
  4. Diyaluma Falls  
  5. Mackwoods Tea Plantation
  6. Brief Garden

History of Sri Lanka

Where Is Sri Lanka Located

In the year 19348 after almost 150 years of British rules, it became an independent country.

Seven years later it was later admitted to the United Nations.

It is also a member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation and the Commonwealth.

The ancient Arabs called it Serendib while the Greek geographers refer to it has Teprobane After some time the European mapmakers named it Ceylon which is sometimes used for trade purposes. 

It was officially called Sri Lanka in the year 1972.

Culture of Sri Lanka

Where Is Sri Lanka Located

The culture, cuisine, and adventure are infused into true Sri Lanka experience.

Yet, the true heart of Sri Lanka holiday package is a natural beauty. The lush greenery of the mountains and valleys touches you. 

The glittering and clear night sky, river bouncing through the countryside and fragrance of vibrant flowers imprints unforgettable memories on your mind. Here are a few places in Sri Lanka are that worth the visit.

Little Adams Peak

Where Is Sri Lanka Located

It is a super-easy walk from Ella to this mini-summit. But, the view is fantastic. You know, the view is so fascinating and dynamic that you wouldn’t want to miss any part of the day.

Foggy skies won’t bother you as neither would the heating tropical sun at noon. Sunrise could be the best time, though. 

You can check out a lot of different shades of this gorgeous landscape in a short span of time.

Diyaluma Falls

Where Is Sri Lanka Located

Streams of white and shallow water have graced several destinations in Sri Lanka. Any tour package could include a waterfall.

But, this is never known as the second highest fall in Sri Lanka, though it is. It is known for its magnificence and unabashedly raw magnetism. 

This waterfall is glorious. The water pooling at the base of the fall is refreshing and great for playing around.

Mackwoods Tea Plantation

Where Is Sri Lanka Located

There are several tea plantations in Sri Lanka. Most are beautiful enough to be a part of a tour package. 

The peaceful tea plants on the hills touching skies are simply amazing. The soothing quiet and untouched quality of tea plantations is worth the visit.

Brief Garden

Where Is Sri Lanka Located

Located 10 km from Bentota, this garden is a blissful play of flora. You may not be able to reach here easily. No public transport is available. Oh, but is the view worth it! The beauty and style of this garden are not conventional. But it is a majestic garden experience that you would never forget.

Sri Lanka is indeed a country that you must visit. You must try and see how wonderful it is.


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