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Sri Lanka Visa for Argentine citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Argentine citizens


Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to consider as a tourist destination. It is also known as the country of a thousand names, it is famous for its tea plantations, for its endless landscapes and exotic parks and its tranquility.

Many Argentine citizens are looking for this tourist destination, which will transport them to a universe full of extraordinary culture and varied landscapes but it is necessary that along with their trip they also take into consideration that the online permit must be done, the Sri Lanka Visa for Argentine citizens.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Learn a little more about this destination

  • Throughout its history, this tourist destination has been changing its name, hence it is known as the country of a thousand names: Lanka, Lankadvipa, Simoundou, Taprobane, Serendib, Selan, and Ceylon, until the current denomination, Sri Lanka.
  • Tourism to this country will lead you to discover a different and unique culture in the world, which has maintained its essence despite the passage of time and modernization.
  • Its capital is Colombo, where there are places of very high tourist interest such as the Clock Tower or the Queen’s House, which is the current residence of the president of the country.
  • There are many things to see in Sri Lanka because on this island there are 8 spaces recognized by UNESCO with the title of World Heritage Sites.
  • Among the many wonders of this island, you will find the ruins of the Royal Palace, Sigiriya and the Holy City of Anuradhapura, which was the first capital of Sri Lanka and where the Buddha ‘Samadhi’ is located, among other wonders.

Some unmissable places

One of the most special places that will give you one of the best experiences of having the Sri Lanka Visa for Argentine citizens, will be to know the Pinnawala’s place, where you will have the opportunity to visit an orphanage of elephants.

This place was founded in 1975, and dozens of pachyderms who have been rescued from the jungle live together because they were injured, sick, or simply orphaned. This country is also one of the native sites of the Asian elephant.

You can also make safaris and know the Sinharaja forest reserve and the central plateaus of the island. The landscapes, with the endless tea plantations, are one of the wonders that you can not miss in Sri Lanka.

Advantages of tourism in Sri Lanka

Kind inhabitants

Another of the great reasons to travel to Sri Lanka is their people. Perhaps because they are little accustomed to tourism, it is not uncommon to come across smiles from ear to ear and questions about you and your life, this is something most common in Serendipity (former name of Sri Lanka).

Size and diversity

Here you can find anything you are looking for: dream landscapes, culture, paradisiacal beaches, hospitality … Everything is possible in Ceylon (name it took during its colonization).

Drink the famous tea

To talk about Sri Lanka or Ceylon is to talk about tea. We cannot forget that his tea is considered one of the best in the world, only comparable to that grown in the Himalayas.


sri lanka visa for us citizens

Everything you need to know about Sri Lanka Visa for Argentine citizens

eTA is an acronym for Electronic Travel Authorization, which allows you to apply for an eTA visa online to enter Sri Lanka. Applying for the Sri Lankan visa is not a stressful and time-consuming process, you can fill out your form in just a few minutes through its online format.

With the Sri Lankan E-Visa, you will no longer have to stand in long lines at government sites nor will you have to go through all that stress.

This electronic permit can be filled comfortably at home while planning your trip to Sri Lanka. You just need to go online and fill out the application form with all the necessary details for your trip. Within 72 hours of completing your online process, you will receive your eta to travel quietly.

With the Sri Lanka Visa for Argentine citizens, you can travel comfortably as a tourist for 90 days, where you can enjoy the exotic and incomparable beauty of one of the wildest and most beautiful places in Asia.

What do you expect to enjoy an adventure full of delicious experiences?

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Argentine citizens


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