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Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian

Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian – For Tourism


If you’re a Canadian national and are planning to visit Sri Lanka, it is important to know the various things in this regard.

We’ll discuss here Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian.


  1. Visa requirement 
  2. About ETA
  3. Learn more about ETA 
  4. No employment
  5. Payment of fee
  6. Exemption of fee 
  7. Most important

Visa requirement 

Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian

Canadian citizens in possession of Canadian passport have to possess an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa to enter the territory of Sri Lanka or to put it exactly, the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka for tourism or recreational objectives. 

ETA is Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian.

About ETA

Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian

It is important to note that the Business ETA is open to accepting applications along with the existing facility to obtain Business ETA from Sri Lanka Overseas Mission and the Head Office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo.

The duration of ETA is 30 days to start with and can be extended up to six months.

Applicants are warned that applying via third parties, the payment of fee is to be made via the official website www.eta.gov.lk. Applicants must get an acknowledgment of ETA application. Payments made via other websites are not acceptable.

Always pay via the official website. By this, you can avoid the obligation to repay at the port of entry to Sri Lanka.

Since 2012, it has been made mandatory for travels to get an ETA. Nationals belonging to a certain set of countries visiting to Sri Lanka to stay up to 30 days are exempt from ETA.

These countries are the Republic of Singapore, the Republic of Seychelles and the Republic of Maldives. Further, children under 12 years are exempt from Processing Fee for ETA.

Remember to follow the rules with regard to ETA application. Any infringement of them may cause permanent rejection of an ETA or entry into Sri Lanka may be denied. Before applying for the ETA visa, do read the terms and conditions carefully.

Learn more about ETA

Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian

Once you have an ETA, you are required to show it the port of entry in Sri Lanka when you are there if you are traveling by air. You must also produce evidence that you have adequate funds to spend for the stay in Sri Lanka.

No employment

Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian

When you have an ETA, you must not hold an employment of any sort – paid or unpaid in a business or trade except in those as specified by the ETA during the day.

Payment of fee

Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian

You need to agree to pay the fee via credit card once you submit your application. Make sure to know the amount of fee and payment process before your move ahead to pay the fee because the relevant rules are subject to change as and when required by the authorities. Note that the EA fee that you pay is non-refundable.

Exemption of fee

Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian

Individual possessing Diplomatic and official passport need no pay ETA processing fee. They are exempted from the payment provided they submit the application through government agencies like Statutory Bodies, Ministries, Sri Lanka Overseas missions and so on.

Most important

While filling in the ETA application (for Sri Lanka Visa for Canadian), enter your passport number, nationality (Canadian) and your date of birth correctly. Further, make sure the data you furnish is accurate.


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