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Sri Lanka Visa for Hong Kong passport holders

Sri Lanka Visa for Hong Kong passport holders – Requirements


Sri Lanka Visa for Hong Kong passport holders is something that has been welcomed with open arms.

Hong Kong citizens can now apply for a Sri Lanka visa with a lot of ease. With the visa, they will be able to tour, live and do business in Sri Lanka.

With this great provisions, Hong Kong Citizens will always look forward to applying for this important travel document.

The application process is scrutinized by the immigration department to curb any fraudulent practices.

This ensures only eligible applicants get access into Sri Lanka. It is important in curbing cases of insecurity that might put the country at a greater risk.


  1. Types of Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. e-Tourist Visa
  4. Transit Visa
  5. How to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa as a Hong Kong passport holder?
  6. Conclusion 

Types of Visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Hong Kong

There are three types of visas that can be applied for by Hong Kong passport holders. These visas have been given different mandates that suit those people applying for them.

The visa is divided into:

Business Visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Hong Kong

It is the kind of visa that gives a holder the go-ahead to do business in a foreign country. On top of that, as business visa owner, you can attend trade fairs, business programs, exhibitions, conferences, lectures and start a business without any restriction. So as an international entrepreneur, this is a visa you need to have.

e-Tourist Visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Hong Kong

Sri Lanka is a home to various amazing physical features. Therefore, annually, it receives a number of visitors who are willing to explore these features and also have a peaceful holiday. Such people will be required to apply for an e-Tourist visa. It will give them permission to tour the whole country and experience its wonders.

Transit Visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Hong Kong

This is a visa needed when transporting goods into Sri Lanka from Hong Kong. The visa will permit entry of your goods into this reputable country. This visa can be applied online, making the application process easier.

How to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa as a Hong Kong passport holder?

Sri Lanka Visa as a Hong Kong

Currently, the whole visa application can be undertaken online. This has made it easier for those Hong Kong citizens wishing to get into Sri Lanka. Simply visit the Sri Lanka immigration portal and kickstart your online application process.

Besides, as a passport holder, you can also apply for this visa at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Hong Kong. Present all the required documents during the application process.

By presenting the relevant documents, you hasten the application process. They will be verified and a determination is given whether you are eligible for this visa.

Usually, there are a set of requirements that have been rolled out to determine if you qualify for the application process. It will be wise of you if you confirmed your eligibility by looking at these requirements. Ensure you meet each and every rule in order to have a smooth application process. 


As a Hong Kong passport holder, you are eligible to apply for a Sri Lanka visa. However, you will be expected to put into consideration all the laid down requirements.

These requirements will increase the chances of your application being accepted. Also, make sure you have all the documents needed in applying for the Sri Lanka Visa.


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