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Sri Lanka Visa for Maltese citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Maltese citizens


Sri Lanka is a distant country on a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Of course, we know her better by her “tea name” Ceylon. But now this mysterious island has received its ancient and sacred name and invites you to visit.

After the government of Sri Lanka some time ago announced that it intends to actively develop tourism, the eTA – Electronic Travel Authorization system was introduced. Now, travel for tourists to Ceylon is as accessible and profitable as possible, as applying for a Sri Lanka visa for Maltese citizens has become possible in just a few clicks, without leaving home.

sri lanka visa

What is eTA?

Electronic Travel Authorization is an innovative electronic permit system that allows you to freely cross the border of Sri Lanka. Obtaining this permit is very simple – use the website https://visa-sri-lanka.com/ and follow all the necessary instructions.

After that, a questionnaire will be filled out with all the necessary data about you, and payment will be made, you will receive an eTA file in PDF format by e-mail in a short period of time.

An electronic tourist visa allows double entry into Sri Lanka, a stay for each of which can not exceed 30 days. Medical insurance for an electronic visa to Sri Lanka is not required.


What types of electronic visas to Sri Lanka are available today

Maltese citizens have the opportunity to apply for three types of eTA:

  • tourism
  • business visits
  • transit. Transit tourists do not pay visa fees. Travelers who will be in the country for less than 48 hours are considered transit. In this case, the migration officer should present plane tickets to the next destination.

sri lanka visa

Which documents are needed at the entrance to Sri Lanka by eTA:

  • Valid passport (at least 6 months from the date of departure).
  • Immigration card. To be completed in English onboard the aircraft or at the airport.
  • Rarely, they ask for return tickets and proof of financial security (cash, card statements).
  • It is recommended that you carry a copy of the ETA notice.

At passport control, you must present to the officer an international passport, a completed migration card, and a printed letter with an ETA electronic visa. After which the officer will put a stamp and paste the sticker on the passport, which can be used in Sri Lanka for 30 days.

Extension of eTA

An electronic visa can be extended even while in Sri Lanka. To do this, contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration.

When planning to submit documents, keep in mind that a tourist visa can be extended a maximum of two times (for 2 and 3 months), and the total stay should not exceed 6 months.

The following documents will be required:

  • a completed form of an established sample;
  • passport (valid for at least 2 months after leaving the country);
  • color photo 35 × 45 mm;
  • Airplane ticket.

After all the formalities, the applicant is assigned a day when you can pick up your passport (delivery by courier is possible).

What not to miss in Sri Lanka?

The island of Ceylon is the ancient cities and paradise beaches, these are tea plantations and picturesque mountains, lush vegetation, spicy food, and unprecedented shopping. Not enough about one day to describe all the attractions of this magnificent island, but still, let’s stop at the most popular places for tourists:

  • Mihintale is the main sacred place for Sri Lankan Buddhists. It was here that the procession of Buddhism around the island began. Here are the first stupas and hidden sacred caves, which are arranged in such a magical way that fresh air always enters there.
  • Polonnaruwa – an ancient city on the shores of the artificial Lake Minneria in Sri Lanka. The city is very large and beautiful, rich insights of interest. Its buildings are amazing, especially the book in stone in the ancient Pali language. Closer to the lake there is a small temple with a stone lion. Of all the cities of the cultural triangle, Polonnaruwa seemed to us the cutest and most interesting to study.
  • Sigiriya fortress. The main attraction of Sri Lanka is the Sigiriya fortress, which is located on top of a 170-meter cliff. In the V century, the residence of Tsar Kassapa was built in this place, it was here that the first fountain in the world appeared, by the way, it works now. The entrance to the fortress was guarded by a lion, however, only paws remained of it. At first glance, it seems that climbing to the top of the cliff is difficult and dangerous, but it is not. Stock up on water, comfortable shoes, and feel free to hit the road.
  • Route “From Kandy to Ella.” To learn more about Sri Lanka, buy a train ticket to the mountainous village of Ella at the Kandy train station. The journey will take about six hours. You will see tea plantations, hills, foggy mountains, villages, dense forests, waterfalls. The train speed of 25 km / h will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the mountainous region, which the British so appreciated. Do not be afraid to take a ticket to third grade. Perhaps it is he who will allow you to feel how and how the local population lives. And to get a better view of the landscapes, choose places on the right side of the train. According to experienced tourists, the views from this site are more colorful.

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Maltese citizens


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