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Sri Lanka Visa for Moldavian Citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Moldavian Citizens


Our ancestors did not imagine that the world could be as wide as today we know it is. Nor would they have imagined that in our days there were so many different tourist destinations to visit.

Several continents and hundreds of different countries that we can visit, each with a different culture, different landscapes, different cities and, of course, great stories to tell to all who visit them.

sri lanka visa

But this, far from making the task of traveling easier, makes it much more difficult, as there are so many places to choose from that we do not always think that we have correctly chosen a destination in which we had an unprecedented experience.

And it is that few things in the world nurture both the mind and the spirit as making an incredible trip to a great destination.

Therefore, it is best to choose a great place, where we will be sure that we can live incredible experiences and that we will take a pleasant memory for a lifetime.

And this can only be possible in places like Sri Lanka, which today is a highly sought after destination, both for its landscapes that could steal anyone’s breath and for its history and culture.

Travel to Sri Lanka

Traveling is not always easy. Although there is the possibility of traveling and knowing practically every country in the world, there are some of these that are especially strict with tourism and migration, therefore it is a little difficult for people to enter their territories.

Luckily, tourism in Sri Lanka is not as restrictive, but it is necessary to know in advance what is the system used in the country to grant visas that allow you to enter its territory.

In the case of Sri Lanka, it is not very difficult to request permission to enter this country, but it does require some care since due to language differences, as well as other aspects, it can make people frequently make mistakes request.

Therefore, it is always pertinent to contact professionals in charge of making these procedures so that there are no errors when making these requests.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to say that, although the permit application system in Sri Lanka is less complicated than in other countries, not all nationalities can access it. Let’s see what is the case of the citizens of Moldova.

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Moldavian citizens

Sri Lanka a few years ago implemented a simple way to apply for permission to enter the country.

This system is known as ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization, which is a process that must be done completely online, which represents an important facility to make the request and in which, with few requirements, you can obtain permission to enter the country.

Fortunately, citizens of Moldova who wish to visit Sri Lanka will be able to access this permission form to enter the country, making the request from anywhere in the world since it is made online.

nd, in case it is done in conjunction with experts in these requests, there will be 24/7 personalized support and attention. Let’s see a little more about what these requirements are and what the ETA’s application to enter Sri Lanka will be like.

How to get Sri Lanka Visa for Moldavian Citizens

To make the request, the first thing you need to have is a valid passport (in this case a Moldovan passport) that is valid for at least six months from the moment you plan to enter the country.

In addition, it will be necessary to have a credit or debit card that allows an electronic payment, since it will be necessary to cancel a fee, but this is quite inexpensive due to the simple and automated process.

And finally, you need to have a few minutes of your time to make this request. Once you have met all the requirements, you should contact a company specialized in making these requests.

On the website everything is automated in a simple way, therefore it will not be difficult. And once you are there, you will have to fill out a simple form in which you will be asked for personal information (such as a valid email address), and then, when you are finished, your request will be sent and in a few hours it will be accepted.

Some aspects of ETA

The ETA allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 days and allows two entries. It is recommended to carry the relevant documents in print when traveling to Sri Lanka.

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Moldavian Citizens

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