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Sri Lanka Visa for Nauruan citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Nauruan citizens


While traveling abroad, there is always a concern about acquiring proper travel authorization to become able to cross the border of a particular country.

Some departments of Immigration are known for making the entire process needlessly long, complex, and intricate.

It’s often required for travelers to travel to a different country, to visit the closest Embassy and go through extreme lengths to get the regular visa stuck to their passport.

With the technological progress that has been happening for years now, the majority of countries have decided to transfer the whole verification process to the Internet.

sri lanka visa

Some countries have chosen to grant electronic visas (eVisas), which, after approval, need to be printed out and carried with to the airport. In such a case, the processing time usually takes from three to five working days.

The Sri Lankan government has selected a different option for Sri Lankan visa for Nauruan citizens which can now be applied for online.

A system of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), enables tourists, business visitors, and those who plan to transit through the country territory.

The processing time for this kind of Sri Lankan visa for Nauruan citizens usually does not exceed a few hours.

An ETA, once the government grants it, is automatically assigned to the applicants’ passport. There is no need for the traveler to carry any additional documentation to the airport since the customs officials will only inquire about a passport used in the application process.

What should one keep in mind while applying online for an electronic Sri Lankan visa (ETA) for Nauruan citizens?

To complete an application for a Sri Lankan ETA, each person needs just a few minutes. The process only requires the traveler to prepare three things in advance. The most crucial element of all is the passport.

Each person is obliged by the Department of Immigration of Sri Lanka to check if the validity of one’s document exceeds six months (180 days) from the intended date of entry.

If the applicant fails to meet the requirement mentioned above, he or she will receive an email with a request to provide the details of the renewed passport. The Sri Lankan government will not take your application under consideration if your passport validity is not sufficient.

The other essential factor that each person applying for an electronic travel authorization needs to bear in mind while using online might seem a little bit obvious.

While filling out the form, you need to make sure that the data you provide is valid. The most relevant information if your passport number, its expiration date, and date of birth.

If you make the slightest spelling error in the abovementioned, you will be obliged to reapply.

Minor mistakes in your name or surname do not mean that you are compelled to submit an additional application and await approval. If you are already in possession of a valid ETA, assigned to a valid passport number, your application might not be processed.

sri lanka visa

What steps need to be undertaken to obtain a Sri Lankan visa for Nauruan citizens?

The process of applying for an ETA for Sri Lanka for Nauruan citizens have been divided into three manageable steps.

In the first one, each person is requested to provide the most crucial personal details.

Prepare to provide information that has been noted in your passport, occupation details, and contact data. Make sure that you can provide a valid email address before you apply for a Sri Lanka visa for Nauruan citizens.

A confirmation of your ETA being granted will come directly to your inbox. Once you made sure each gap has been filled with information, you will be able to proceed to the next stage.

There will be many convenient payment methods listed for you so that you can select the most suitable one. Once you have fulfilled your application, in the final stage of applying online, you will need to wait for the confirmation of your ETA being granted.

The processing time usually does not exceed a period of 24 hours. Once you receive an email with the proof that your ETA has been grated, you can get on the plane and travel!

After learning all the details about applying for an ETA for Sri Lanka, and that there is no need to attach any additional documentation, use the link and get your electronic travel authorization for Nauruan citizens now.

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Nauruan citizens


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