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Sri Lanka Visa for Peruvian citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Peruvian citizens


Peruvian citizens love to travel to Sri Lanka because it is a fabulous destination that is not yet overcrowded by tourists, allowing them to see all the cultural and natural heritage without meeting as many people as in other places.

Moreover, it offers a feeling of relaxation even more intense so the trip becomes a pleasant experience, free of stress, and with many tourist attractions to meet at very affordable prices.

What is even better, there are so many types of natural landscapes in Sri Lanka, it is impressive how different the experiences are from one to another throughout the country.

sri lanka visa

We understand how important it is for you to undertake the adventure to Sri Lanka as soon as possible, but it is essential to comply with the legal requirements of the country.

In this sense, the hack to travel quickly is to request an eTA to Sri Lanka where the Peruan passenger can vacation in the country for 30 days.

This alternative also enables the Peruvian citizen in case the trip is for business.

The application for the electronic travel authorization only requires the Peruvian passenger to have the passport in regulation and its validity is greater than 6 months.

ou also need to have a credit card to make cancellations of expenses related to your permit and an active email to receive all communications of the evisa. As the process is by the Internet, the Peruan citizen can make the application easier.

Tips and tricks for every Peruvian citizen to easily get an eTA to Sri Lanka

1. The Peruvian citizen at the moment of making the application has the assistance of agents that are 24 hours a day, in case of doubts or any inconvenience with the application. So you are not alone when you make your request, this assistance will avoid delays at the time of approval.

2. The process is online, so you can choose the time when you are most comfortable to apply.

Also, keep your documents such as your passport handy because it will be a piece of information you will need to use when filling out the form.
3. When you receive your first communications from the service for your eTA to Sri Lanka, add the emails to the list of safe accounts to prevent the approval response from reaching your spam folder by mistake.

4. To cancel the expenses for the electronic travel authorization, the Peruan citizen can use a card from the banks MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club International, American Express, among others.

5. Although the process takes a maximum of 72 hours to approve the Peruvian citizen for an eTA to Sri Lanka, it is important to make your application at least 90 hours before your trip to avoid delays or other inconveniences.

sri lanka visa

Everything a Peruvian traveler will find in Kandy when traveling to Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, there are many alternatives to visit, however for its beauty and varied cultural options we will show you some interesting places of Kandy every Peruvian traveler should certainly visit.

1. The temple of the tooth of Buddha. It is the most sacred temple for Buddhists because it holds the Buddha’s tooth, one of the most important relics for the religion. Besides, you will be able to appreciate paintings and ancient objects along with the possibility of enjoying the moment of the offerings, since it is when the Buddhists play drums and do their rituals inside the temple. In the surroundings, you will find dagobas, figures of Buddha, or statues used for prayer and meditation.
2. Located in the center of the city and built artificially in 1807 is the lake Kandy or also known as the lake Bogambara. It has an area of about 19 hectares where you can enjoy a quiet walk. You can also admire the nature of the landscape and different monuments such as the Ulpange, Walakula Bamma, and Jayatilleke Mandalay.
3. The Tea Museum. As Sri Lanka is known worldwide for being one of the best tea suppliers, in this museum you will find everything related to its production and the processes involved in creating a delicious cup of Ceylon tea.
However, there are also more options such as the giant mountain Buddha, Kandy’s viewpoint, or the elephant orphanage. In short, visiting

Sri Lanka will fill you with knowledge, wonderful and relaxing experiences, so we invite you to request your eTA to Sri Lanka as soon as possible and be surprised by the majesty of this amazing country.

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Peruvian citizens

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