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Sri Lanka visa for Hong Kong citizens

Sri Lanka visa for Hong Kong citizens


People travel for many reasons. There are those who travel just to have a good time, others travel to learn new things, and some who meet a new culture. But, regardless of the reason why you decide to travel, you must think carefully about where you will travel.

Nowadays, in the world we live in, there are many options for countries to visit, which makes deciding a place to spend our vacations a little difficult. Traditionally people prefer to travel to countries in America or in some countries in Europe.

But in Asia, we find many interesting destinations, which can be cheaper and provide extraordinary experiences.

Such is the case of Sri Lanka, also known as the Indian Tear, due to the particular shape of its territory and its location.

This country, in addition to keeping within it several of the most incredible beaches you can ever visit, was the home of many civilizations, which has left a wonderful cultural heritage, enough for Sri Lanka to be one of the most popular destinations for those tourists who want great experiences.

Sri Lanka visa for Hong Kong citizens


Travel to Sri Lanka

Every good traveler knows that, before traveling somewhere, it is necessary to know certain things about the place that we will visit because not all countries are the same and some may present significant differences to the place in which we live.

sri lanka visa

In addition to being aware of food, transportation, where to stay, and tourist sites, it is necessary to know what are the requirements to enter the country, since some places restrict the entry of foreigners.

In the case of Sri Lanka, it is necessary to request permission before you enter the country.

This permit is called ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization and is an electronic permit issued by the Sri Lankan government to all those who wish to visit the country.

Luckily, Hong Kong citizens are eligible to apply for this permit. Therefore, if you are a Hong Kong citizen thinking of traveling to such an amazing place as Sri Lanka, you better know what the ETA is about since it will be necessary to request it before visiting this country.


Sri Lanka Visa for Hong Kong citizens

The ETA, as its name says, is an electronic permit that allows foreigners to visit Sri Lanka for vacations.

This is a more modern and easier way to obtain permission to enter the country since in the past it was necessary to carry out a slightly more complicated process, for which even the Singhalese embassy had to be visited.

sri lanka visa

With the ETA the procedure can be done completely online, which means that it can be done from anywhere in the world, it does not require as many requirements and it takes very little time to be approved. Let’s see what are the requirements to request the ETA, also making some clarifications on its operation.


How to get a Sri Lanka Visa for Hong Kong citizens

To apply for an ETA to Sri Lanka it is necessary to do it with experts dedicated to doing this type of procedure because, in addition to making the process faster, they will help you in the event of any problem and in this type of procedure it is very easy to be wrong.

sri lanka visa

To apply, you need a passport valid for at least 6 months from the moment you plan to enter the country, a digital photo, a valid email, and an electronic means of payment since it is necessary to pay a fee.

Having these requirements at hand, a simple form is filled out, payment is made and then the request is sent and in less than 24 hours this request will be approved.


Some considerations

The Sri Lankan tourist visa is valid for 30 days in total and allows up to two entries into the country.

There is no way to apply for the visa once you are in the country, therefore it is necessary to make this request before you start your trip.

We suggest that, in addition to taking the documentation and the ETA digitally on a phone or tablet, also take the necessary documentation in print.

And knowing this, all you have to do is request your ETA to travel to this wonderful country that is Sri Lanka.

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