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Sri Lanka Visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens


Those for whom Bosnia and Herzegovina have become a homeland are proud of the history of their country and its beautiful sights. This is a country where you can spend a memorable vacation without going anywhere else.

However, as Hans Christian Andersen said, “to travel the world is to live,” and any resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina may someday want to take a fascinating journey to touch the culture of other countries.

The center of one of the most authentic cultures is the island of Ceylon, on which the fabulous country of Sri Lanka is located.

The Government of Sri Lanka is very friendly to all tourists and from January 1, 2012, introduced the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) program, which makes it easy to get Sri Lanka visa for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Earthly Paradise in Ceylon

Golden sandy beaches, coconut palms, the ocean sparkling in the rays of the rising sun, the ruins of ancient cities in the jungle – a combination of unusual, fabulous, exotic – and all this on a small piece of land in the middle of the ocean called Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a country with a rich history, a unique culture, and also, it is the world center of Buddhism. For centuries, beautiful temples, monasteries, magnificent monuments of world religion have been built here, which still retain the spirit of the times.

The unforgettable beauty of natural landscapes will amaze even the most sophisticated look. The lush greenery of the tropical jungle, mountain elephants, endless rice fields and tea plantations, shaded by the deep, clear blue sky and golden beaches – this is truly a paradise on Earth, a journey into a fairy tale.

Top 3 cities to visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s cultural value has been recognized by UNESCO. The island has such interesting cities as:

  • Anuradhapura – the ancient capital of Sri Lanka, considered the main holy city. On the shore of an ancient lake, a vihara (monastery) of Abkhayagiri rises here. According to ancient legend, it was built where the holy footprint of Buddha was imprinted, this is one of the eight holy places of the city. The courtyard of one of the temples stores the sacred Bo tree (“Buddha tree”), the oldest tree on Earth. The branch of this tree, as they say, was brought here from India back in the 3rd century BC.
  • Nuwara Eliya – Sri Lanka mountain resort. This is “Little England” on a small beautiful island. A city with neat golf courses, rural houses and government buildings built in a purely English style. Nuwara Eliya is also the center of the tea area of Sri Lanka. Here, on the slopes of the mountains, the blackest tea is grown, which is valued throughout the world. Well, miracles do not end there. Here is the highest mountain on the island – Pidurutalagala. In the center of the city is Victoria Park, a hippodrome where horse racing takes place.
  • Colombo – the city of the “old past and the business center of the present.” Here you can visit the Pettah Bazaar, which was founded more than 500 years ago, the majestic Hindu and Buddhist temples, the national museum, one of the best zoological gardens in Asia.

Natural sights of Sri Lanka

Thanks to the influence of Buddhism, which calls for reverence for all living things, Sri Lanka pays great attention to environmental protection. In total, there are 12 national parks and 52 reserves on the territory of the island, which occupy 14% of the entire area of Sri Lanka. The most interesting natural attractions for tourists include:

  • Royal Botanic Gardens (Peradeniya) – one of the best gardens in Asia. In 1821, the best gardeners in Sri Lanka created this unique place. The huge hilly territory is divided into separate park areas, each of which reflects its own specific type of amazing tropical flora. The main splendor of the garden – decorative orchids, numbering about a hundred species. There is also a huge collection of indoor plants, comprising 750 species, a collection of 175 species of palm trees. A unique avenue of memorial trees that were planted by the heads of state and prominent people who visited the country. Trees with fancy fruits and flowers of extraordinary beauty will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Horton Plateau (also known as the End of the World) is the highest mountain national park in Sri Lanka. On a small land plot, 75% of the species diversity of the forest flora and 25% of the meadow and field flora of Sri Lanka grow. Among these plants, a large number of endemics – plants found only here. The view that opens from here is one of the most striking and memorable in Sri Lanka.
  • Spice gardens. Here you can see the sandalwood, which is considered the most “expensive” tree in the whole world. Surprisingly smooth and flexible branches are framed by purple-pink leaves. “Spice Gardens” are scattered throughout the country. In the gardens you can see various spices, as well as listen to a brief excursion about their use, to get what you like.

So, do I need to visit Sri Lanka?

The answer is obvious – of course, yes! Once on this wonderful island, you can visit a completely different world: mysterious, magical, colorful. Having visited the most famous places of this island, you will never forget the wealth of impressions that you managed to get.

The most comfortable way to enjoy your vacation in this Asian country is to use the eTA in Sri Lanka. It takes just a few minutes to get an e-visa, just fill out the form and answer a few simple questions.

An ETA visa is initially valid for up to 30 days from the date of entry and can be extended to three and six months at the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration and Emigration.

A person who has received ETA is entitled to enter Sri Lanka within six months from the date of issuance of ETA.

Sri Lanka Visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens

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