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Sri Lanka Visa for Macedonian citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Macedonian citizens


Macedonian travelers always seek to go to Sri Lanka simply because they can fulfill a dream of seeing a whale up close. In case you didn’t know, Sri Lanka is home to the blue whale, the only whale on the planet that uses four notes in its song.

You can see them on Mirissa beach, which is the favorite spot of this whale species. Best of all, this beach is sparsely populated so you can relax too while enjoying the incredible song the whales have for you.

Although, before packing your bags, you will have to comply with some small legal requirements as described below.

Legal requirements every Macedonian citizen must meet when traveling to Sri Lanka

Traveling to Sri Lanka is very easy for all Macedonian citizens, in case the trip is only for vacation and does not exceed 30 days, you can apply for an electronic travel authorization with your passport.

Similarly, for those cases where the Macedonian citizen will be attending the country for business purposes. As long as the duration of the trip does not exceed 30 days and the reason is not to stay permanently in the country, you may do so under the authorization of an eTA to Sri Lanka.

Please note it is possible for the Macedonian citizen to apply at any time as the service is available throughout the year.

How can a Macedonian citizen apply for an eTA to Sri Lanka?

You have reached the best part, as the process for a Macedonian citizen to apply for an eTA to Sri Lanka only requires an internet connection. Online, the Macedonian traveler must fill out a form known as an application.

Here you must enter from your data to your passport number, which must be valid and issued in Macedonia. Within the same application form, you must also enter the reason for your trip and your e-mail address, where the agents will be able to communicate directly with you.

It is very important to emphasize the ease of filling out the application form, allowing the Macedonian citizen no more than 10 minutes to complete it.

Then, you proceed to cancel the cost of the service by processing your electronic travel authorization, which will generate a proof of payment sent to your email immediately.

Finally, the Macedonian citizen will receive the approval response within 72 hours. The great advantage, besides avoiding long lines at embassies and stressful legal procedures, is having a team of agents at your disposal to assist you throughout the process.

Where can a Macedonian citizen with an eTA to Sri Lanka go?

Being a holder of an eTA to Sri Lanka allows the Macedonian traveler to go all over the country, as long as you do not exceed the limit of 30 days. However, our team recommends these 3 places to enjoy the opportunity you have in your hands to the fullest.

    1. Adam’s Peak. It is believed in ancient Ceylon that Buddha set foot on the top of this mountain leaving his imprint, being of great importance for Buddhists as well as Christians and Muslims who believe in turn the imprint belongs to Adam. However, even though it is the highest peak on the island, being on its summit is an unforgettable experience, especially if you watch the sunrise from there.
  1. Yala National Park. In this huge park you will be able to observe the life of the elephants in their natural habitat from a very close distance, although if your adventurous spirit follows you, you can choose to go on a tour in a 4×4 and see hundreds of wild animals in the forest.
  2. If you like to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sri Lanka has 7 archaeological sites and 1 natural site. You can visit the cultural-historical triangle which is located towards the center of the island, involving Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Sigiriya, where archaeological remains dating from the 3rd century BC to the 12th century are preserved.

Without a doubt, a Macedonian citizen visiting Sri Lanka will be an unforgettable experience worth a lifetime.

So don’t miss this opportunity, apply right now for your eTA to Sri Lanka so you can enjoy the benefits of this beautiful country.

Sri Lanka Visa for Macedonian citizens


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