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Sri Lanka isa for Myanmar citizens


The department of Immigration has simplified the system of obtaining a Sri Lankan visa. While planning a visit to this remarkable country, you surely were wondering how to apply for a Sri Lanka visa for Myanmar citizens.

In the past, each person who intended to cross the countries border needed to go through a complicated process at the closest Embassy or consulate.

It was obligatory to apply with a substantial prior since it used to take over a month to get a regular visa approved.

In the meantime, each applicant did not have access to their passport; therefore, she or he was unable to travel anywhere.

Fortunately, this complex, time-consuming, and pricy method is no longer required or supported by the government.

A system of Electronic Travel Authorizations (ETA) has been chosen by the Sri Lankan government and made available to the citizens of Myanmar.

In comparison to the method of obtaining a regular visa, it is more time-efficient, manageable, and affordable. The government of Sri Lanka usually doesn’t need more than just a few hours to grant a valid travel authorization for citizens of Myanmar (Burma).

The entire process can be completed online, and there is no need for the applicant to provide physical copies of any additional documents.

What are the requirements for an electronic Sri Lankan visa for Myanmar(Burma) citizens, and are there any documents required?

There aren’t many requirements each applicant needs to meet; however, there are few which, if not met, may cause the rejection of your application.

Before you decide to apply online for your ETA to Sri Lanka for Myanmar citizens, you should prepare only three things.

The first one is your passport. There is no need for you to provide a digital or physical copy of your passports biodata page. There is only one requirement that your passport will be expected to meet.

The validity date needs to be exceeding six months (180 days) from the intended date of entry to Sri Lanka.

If you complete your application with a passport that is not meeting the requirement, it will not be processed by the government.

You will be requested to apply for a passport renewal before your ETA is processed and sent to the Department of Immigration. The second thing each person intending to acquire an electronic travel authorization to Sri Lanka needs to prepare is a valid email address.

Even though once the government will grant your ETA, it will be assigned automatically to your passport; you will be notified about the approval exclusively on your inbox. Any spelling or other errors might cause delays and miscommunications.

The last thing each person is expected to own and have on hand while applying is a credit card. There will be plenty of convenient payment methods for you to choose from; however, keeping your card near will make it more manageable. If you encounter any difficulties, contact support@evisa.express to get skillful support from a qualified team.

sri lanka visa

What are the steps of applying for an electronic Sri Lankan visa for Myanmar citizens?

An electronic travel authorization (ETA) to Sri Lanka for Myanmar citizens is a permit which enables tourists, business visitors, and those who plan on making a transit stop to cross the border.

The processing time usually does not exceed a period of 24h; however, the decision is dependable on the government and the Department of Immigration. Sometimes due to the amount of work, the abovementioned time frame is extended to 48 hours.

  • In the first stage of completing an online form for an electronic visa (ETA) to Sri Lanka for the Myanmar citizens, each applicant is compelled to provide the most crucial information.
  • Prepare to be requested for your passport details, occupation information, and general personal details.
  • Before proceeding to the next step, make sure to verify your email address, passport number, and expiration date to avoid any miscommunications and delays.
  • The final stage of applying for an ETA to Sri Lanka consists of the applicant choosing the most convenient payment method.
  • Once your application is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with an application number.
  • Save this nine-digit number for future contact with a qualified support team.

Now that you know all the essential steps of applying online for an electronic travel authorization (ETA) for Sri Lanka, and all the crucial requirements that need to be met, use the link to apply online

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Myanmar citizens


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