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Sri Lanka Visa for UAE Citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for UAE Citizens


Are you a United Arab Emirates citizen and are you planning to visit Sri Lanka? Like any other native from other countries, you are eligible to enter Sri Lanka if you meet the requirements needed by the Sri Lanka government.

If qualified to enter Sri Lanka, you need to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa before departure. As a UAE citizen, getting a Sri Lanka visa is easy. You only need to fill in an application form online e-TA to SriLanka. When approved, pay the required fees and wait for the confirmation.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka is one of the most convenient countries for vacationing as it has two international airports and different flights connecting the country with Europe, the Middle East, and other Asian countries.

Besides it is very attractive due to all the influences of the Muslims, Dutch, British, and Portuguese who have contributed to the rich history, culture, gastronomy, and architecture of Sri Lanka. By visiting this beautiful country you will fall in love with the elephants at the Pinnawala orphanage, enjoy the delicious food at the Colombo Crab Ministry, and delight with the delicious Ceylon tea that characterizes the country.

You may be wanting to visit Sri Lanka from UAE but are wondering what to do. In this article, you will get insight into everything you need to know about Sri Lanka visa for UAE citizens. To start with, here are the requirements necessary to obtain an e-visa.

What a UAE citizen needs to obtain a Sri Lanka Visa

a) Valid Passport

As an e-visa applicant, you must own a valid passport and must not expire within the first six months after entering Sri Lanka.

b) Means of Payment

Processing a Sri Lanka visa for UAE citizens require processing fees. There are few different methods of payments available such as credit card, PayPal

c) Digital Photo

Acquiring an e-visa requires you to have a recent digital photo that meets the guidelines provided.

d) Authentic Email Address

After filling the application form with all the data required, you will be asked to pay the fee required. Then the confirmation of the submission will be sent to the email you provided


sri lanka visa for us citizens

Advantages of applying for a Sri Lanka E-Visa through our website

  • Experts get to revise your details in the application form before submission. As a result, any error that could have gotten submitted get avoided.
  • Your Sri Lanka visa application gets approved at the appropriate time. No unnecessary delays get experienced.
  • The application form available is very easy to fill in.
  •  You get to enjoy warm and caring customer service to help you in case of any queries or difficulties.

It should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete, but in case you need help, contact the support or customer service of the site you are using.

While filling in your details, ensure that all info is correct and appropriately written. Even a small typo can render your document invalid. It is, therefore, essential to go through what you’ve filled in before submitting.

After paying the required fee, your e-visa gets sent to you via your email. It is essential always to print out a hard copy when you receive the Sri Lanka visa in your inbox.

As described above, obtaining a Sri Lanka visa is not rocket science. You only need to be eligible to enter the country and have all the requirements to apply for the e-visa.

After approval, you get your e-visa sent in your email, and all you have to do it to print a physical copy for your record and use it.

If you are from the UAE and is planning to travel to Sri Lanka, use the procedure described above. Apply today to enjoy this beautiful country.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for UAE Citizens



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