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Sri Lanka Visa for Bruneian citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Bruneian citizens


Sri Lanka is an island nation in South Asia in the Indian Ocean. Tourists, first of all, go to Sri Lanka for exotic. This is one of the oldest countries, and very rare cultural and historical monuments have been preserved here, most of which are connected with Buddhism.

Many of the island’s attractions are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. To easily obtain a Sri Lanka visa for Bruneian citizens, the eTA Electronic Travel Authorization program is running, which greatly simplifies visits to this unique country.

What you should know before going to Sri Lanka

The vacation in Sri Lanka can be briefly defined as follows: away from the hustle and bustle, closer to the sea and nature. It is unlikely that there will be a more “leisurely” country in the world: no one is in a hurry here, everyone is enjoying life – including attendants in hotels.

Most monuments in Sri Lanka are natural, just like most attractions. Noisy discos until the morning you will not find here, but picnics in nature, fishing or barbecue on the beach – as much as you like. In addition, this country is a paradise for divers.

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The climate of Sri Lanka

The rainy season in Sri Lanka lasts from May to October. Almost 95% of all precipitation falls during this time. However, the way we present the rainy season is not entirely true here. It does not rain for long in Sri Lanka, about 15 minutes. And they mostly fall at night. So tanning does not interfere with rainfalls.

The main drawback of the rainy season is the strong wind and waves, so swimming in the ocean is quite dangerous. In the remaining months, the island is dry, so the period from November to the end of April is the most favorable for a vacation in Sri Lanka.

In each trip, especially if we overcome a considerable distance, we get from a cold winter to a hot summer, the first 2-3 days may manifest symptoms of a mild cold: heaviness in the head, eyes, chills, sometimes nauseous. This is called acclimatization.

The first thing you understand when leaving Colombo Airport for parking: it is really very hot and humid here. But in a few days, your stay on the island will be absolutely comfortable.

Is Sri Lanka safe for tourists?

In general, the country is very friendly and safe for tourists. But there are things that should not be forgotten. First of all, it is strictly personal hygiene – wash your hands thoroughly before eating, as well as fruits and vegetables purchased in the market. Tap water for drinking is not recommended: it is better to use mineral water and other factory-bottled drinks.

Also, we always advise you to take mosquito repellents and the usual medicines (painkillers, antiallergenic, antipyretic, patch, stomach upset & panthenol). It is important to have sunscreens with you – here you can get badly sunburned even in cloudy weather.

Do not go to temples in shorts, in clothes with an open back and shoulders. Also, when entering the temple, you need to take off your shoes. Photography in temples can only be done with permission. And standing with your back to the Buddha statues is considered bad form and disrespect for local customs.

And one more thing: be careful about monkeys! Numerous swarms of these impudent creatures in Sri Lanka have become a bit of a natural disaster. They scurry around and are very intrusive. They can wrest food or things from their hands, right down to the camera or camcorder.

Moreover, monkeys can climb into a hotel room and arrange a uniform pogrom there. Therefore, before leaving, always close windows or special mosquito frames with a net tightly.

Why do I need to issue an eTA?

We strongly recommend that you choose ETA when planning a trip to Sri Lanka. The fact is that all tourists who arrived without a pre-issued electronic visa to Sri Lanka (ETA) must go through the registration procedure. Despite all the positive changes in recent years, Colombo Airport is not yet fully prepared to receive a large number of tourists.

There is no free space at the airport of the capital of Sri Lanka for additional accommodation of visa officers. Huge lines sometimes accumulate. ETA will save you from unpleasant problems on the first day of your trip!

A request for an electronic visa must be pre-made by yourself on-line at https://visa-sri-lanka.com/ prior to arrival in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Visa for Bruneian citizens

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