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Sri Lanka Visa for Spanish citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Spanish citizens


Few events in our lives will be as important as the trips we make. Because it is traveling where our spirit is most enriched, our minds learn a lot of things and we are able to know both cultures and places that, if we did not travel, we would hardly know that they exist, but it is not the same to know a place by photos on the internet than to visit it, feel the air on your face and the sun on your skin.

For example, on the internet, you can find a lot of information about the Ceylon Tea plantations, but it will never be the same to look at the photographs than to visit one of these, where the smells are felt live and the landscapes open before our eyes.

And if we try to think of a great place to visit, we can’t think of a better place than Sri Lanka.

Formerly known as Ceylon and poetically called The Tear of India, this country on the Indochinese peninsula is the best place to travel and discover, with great landscapes, incredible monuments, cities where to have fun and many years of history and culture that everyone should know.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Worth visiting in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka or Ceylon, there are many incredible places to visit, starting with its capital, Colombo, where we can visit monuments. In addition, being the capital of the country, it will be a great place to start getting acquainted with the Sinhalese culture.

After spending a day or two in Colombo, it’s a good idea to start visiting other cities, such as Sigiriya, which is a place of stupendous natural beauty, as well as home to the ancient ruins of an ancient fortress.

On the other hand, sacred cities like Anuradhapura, the first capital of Sri Lana, or Kandy are a great place to visit if you want to know a little more about Sinhalese culture, as well as Indochinese culture in general since here we will find a great cultural and religious heritage.

And finally, visiting the Ceylon tea plantations can be an extraordinary experience, with a beautiful landscape, wonderful smells, this is an experience that everyone should live at least once in their life.

How to visit Sri Lanka

The truth is that Sri Lanka is one of the best options to spend a great vacation. But, when we are planning our trip and all the places that we will visit, it is also necessary to carry out some preliminary procedures, including finding out if it is necessary to request a permit before entering the country that we want to visit.

In the case of Spaniards, it is necessary to request a permit to enter Sri Lanka, a kind of visa that will allow the stay in Ceylon for tourism for several days. Let’s see what this is about.

Sri Lanka Visa for Spanish citizens

In the past, to enter Sri Lanka, it was necessary to apply for a traditional visa at an embassy. This involved a lot of problems, because it made the process more cumbersome and anyone interested in visiting Sri Lanka had to go to the embassy

But now here is a system that allows you to apply for permission to enter Sri Lanka from anywhere in the world. This is an electronic system, online, which implies many facilities for the request.

This system is called ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization and can be requested by any Spanish who wants to travel to Sri Lanka.

How to get a Sri Lanka visa for Spanish citizens

To request an ETA to Sri Lanka click here. The best thing is to go with professionals in these procedures that can help you to make the whole process simple and go perfectly.

Carrying out this procedure together with experts, the process is extremely simple: for this, it is necessary to have a passport with at least 6 months of validity from the moment you plan to enter the country, in this case, Sri Lanka.

It is also necessary to have a digital payment method since it is necessary to pay a small fee. And, with these documents in hand, a simple form is completed, which is sent and, in a few hours, the visa for Sri Lanka will be approved, allowing you to stay there for at least 30 days, enough to know the entire country and enjoy of everything spectacular that Ceylon has to offer.

So if you are thinking of knowing a great place, your best option is to visit Sri Lanka, the Tear of India.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Spanish citizens

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