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Sri Lanka Visa for Korean citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Korean citizens


The island, which is home to around 22 million, located in the Indian Ocean, is also known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. For centuries it has been one of the most relevant transport points between Asia and Europe.

Plenty of nations have had a strong influence on the country’s culture, which now is being discovered by tourists. Sri Lanka offers warm and sandy beaches, tropical forests, and breathtaking views from tops of plenty of mountains.

Apart from the monsoon season, there isn’t much that could discourage you from visiting this country.

What kind of Sri Lankan visa is required for Korean citizens, and what is an eTA to Sri Lanka?

Korean citizens are entitled to apply for an electronic visa instead of a regular one. This system allows them to use more convenient and time-efficient methods to apply for Sri Lankan visa.

The main difference is that in case of an eVisa, you don’t need to leave your home. You will only need a device with Internet access and a few spare minutes.

In case of a regular visa, it’s required to make an appointment with the closest Embassy or consulate, keep it, and provide physical copies of the required documentation.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system does not require the applicant to provide any additional documentation.

It entitles entries in either business or tourism purposes. A Sri Lankan ETA doesn’t authorize any labor activities.

Once granted, the document remains valid for six months. It allows the applicant to enter the country territory twice. The initial entry has to take place within 180 days from the issuance date.

There cannot be a more significant time difference between two entries than 30 days. Those who plan on transiting through Sri Lanka should also obtain an ETA. Once issued, the document entitles entering the country territory for six months from the issuance date.

When you travel to Sri Lanka with a transit ETA, your stay can’t exceed two days. There is no need for you to print the approved document out since once it’s granted, it’s electronically assigned to your passport.

What are the requirements for the Sri Lankan visa, and are there any documents required?

There is only one essential requirement each applicant has to meet to be eligible to apply online.

Passport has to remain valid for at least six months from the intended date of entry.

If the applicant fails to meet the following requirement, the applicant won’t be able to apply to the government.

Sri Lankan government doesn’t require any additional documents. There is no need for you to prepare any copies (digital or physical) since you won’t be requested for them at any time.

What are the steps of applying for a Sri Lanka visa for Korean citizens?

There are three easy steps each applicant has to follow to apply for a Sri Lankan ETA online. In the initial stage, each potential visitor will be a request for the most basic and essential pieces of information.

  • Prepare to provide data such as your name, surname, date of birth, contact details (including your email address), and all relevant passport details such as its number, issuance, and expiry date.
  • Since no additional documents are required for the applicant to provide, in the next step, you will be requested to select the most convenient payment method.
  • In the case of encountering technical difficulties at any stage of the application process, you can contact support@evisa.express.

The final step of applying for an ETA consists of waiting for the last government decision. The processing time usually does not exceed 24 hours; however, it might be extended. It’s always dependable on the government.

Now that you have learned all the details about Sri Lankan ETA for Korean citizens click on the link and apply online.

What are the benefits of applying for a Sri Lankan eTA?

This online method allows you to apply for the required documentation in advance, without having to leave your home.

Each detail you put into your application form will be verified before it will be sent to the government.

As an applicant, you also have access to the support team available to answer your inquiries seven days per week, at every stage of your application.

Sri Lanka Visa for Korean citizens

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