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Sri Lanka Visa for Lithuanian citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Lithuanian citizens


Sri Lanka is one of the safest and tourist-friendly countries you can consider for your annual holidays with friends or family. It guarantees breathtaking views, remarkable landscapes, the possibility to wander through the untouched, tropical forests for hours, and of course, sandy, warm beaches.

There are plenty of reasons why the time spent on this one of a kind island will turn out to be unforgettable. Without a shadow of a doubt, once you will give a chance to a charming country of Sri Lanka, you will never regret booking your vacations there.


What kind of visa should I get to travel to Sri Lanka as a tourist, business visitor, or as a person transiting through the country

While planning on visiting such a distant place, you surely were wondering what kind of Sri Lankan visa is required for Lithuanian citizens. The government of Sri Lanka has provided visitors to this exceptional country with the possibility of obtaining travel authorization online.

There is no need to make an appointment with the Embassy or to travel to the closest consulate. To get an electronic travel authorization (eTA), you will only need to fulfill an online form, provide the details you will be requested for and complete your application with payment.

The processing time usually doesn’t last longer than 24 h (one working day).

There is also a possibility that the government will require a little bit more time than the mentioned time frame so that the usual processing time might be extended.

When the Sri Lankan Immigration Office grants your ETA, you will be obliged to enter the country within 180 days (6 months).

When you are traveling as a tourist or a business visitor, you will be entitled to cross the border twice, and each time you can stay for up to 30 days.

While transiting through the country, your stay cannot exceed two days. Your eTA will be valid from the date of entry provided in the application.

How to apply for a Sri Lanka eTA online?

In the initial step, you will be requested to provide the most crucial details such as your name surname date of birth, etc..

While you are filling out an online form, make sure to avoid spelling errors, which might cause obstructions in communication and reversal of the ETA.

The most quintessential information in this part of the application process is the passport number. It’s always advised to check it with the original document before you proceed to the next step.

Once you made sure each detail has been inserted correctly, and have clicked on the “next button,” you will be transferred to the payment platform.

There are plenty of methods available for your convenience. If you have encountered any technical difficulties at any part of the application, you can contact support@evisa.express. If you don’t have any further inquiries, use the link and apply for a Sri Lankan visa for Lithuanian citizens now


What are the requirements, and are there any documents?

The most crucial requirement that each applicant is obliged to meet is to make sure that the passport validity exceeds 180 days from the planned entry date to Sri Lanka.

The government will not process your application if you fail to meet the mentioned condition. At all times, you should remember that the processing time might take up to 1 working day.

You are required to apply with the proper advance so that the government can review your request and provide you the appropriate document on time.

While applying for a Sri Lankan ETA, you won’t be requested to enclose any additional documentation for your application. There is no need for you to prepare any kind of copies to send to the Embassy either.

All that needs to be done is for the most imperative data to be provided accordingly to the government request: entirely and truthfully.

Once your application will be approved, and an ETA will be granted, there is no need for you to print out any confirmation.

The document will be assigned to your passport number, and it will be visible to the customs official at the selected border crossing in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka visa for Lithuanian citizens

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