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Sri Lanka Visa for Marshall Islands citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Marshall Islands citizens


Few places can make the impression Sri Lanka makes on people. This country of the Indochinese peninsula, formerly called Ceylon, is one of the most impressive places that we can find in the world.

Everything in this country is poetic and beautiful, from the great monuments of the ancient civilizations that inhabited the place, to the noisy cities. Sri Lanka or “Tear of India” as it is also called, is one of those places that penetrate people’s lives forever.

It is through travel that people can get to know a different environment, meet another culture, and enjoy the wonders that the different countries of the world have to offer.

As the world in which we live today is so broad, we find multiple options of countries to visit, but it is necessary to know that not all countries in the world can provide an experience as pleasant and enriching as Sri Lanka will, for, Therefore, if you are thinking of traveling, the best option you can choose is Sri Lanka.

 Sri Lanka entry

We already know that Sri Lanka is the best place to visit in case you want to live an extraordinary experience, but when we are preparing to visit a country, it is necessary to know what is its policy regarding tourism, because some countries despite having significant potential for tourism, they are very closed with foreign visits.

In the case of Sri Lanka, they are a very tourism-friendly country, allowing a large number of countries (with very few exceptions) to enter its territory without much problem. It is only necessary to apply for a permit that allows a tourist visit to the country.

In the past, applying for this permit required a large number of documents, as well as requesting it from the Sri Lankan embassy. But today we find a simpler, more simplified, and easier to access procedure. Let’s see what this process is about and how it can be requested:


Sri Lanka Visa for Marshall Islands citizens

There is a special procedure to obtain permission to enter Sri Lanka and, luckily, it is a process that citizens of the Marshall Islands can do without any problem. Through this process, you obtain the permit that allows and entry into the country.

This process is known as ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization and is a kind of visa that allows entry into Sri Lanka.

This document, as its name says, is electronic, which means that it must be requested online, which in itself is an enormous facility because it is not necessary to visit any embassy, ​​but can be requested from any part of the world where there is the internet.

To request it, you must meet some simple prerequisites, which are the following:

How to get a Sri Lanka Visa for Marshall Island Citizens

As the ETA obtaining process is easy and simplified, there are few requirements to obtain them.

Firstly, it is necessary to have a passport valid for at least six months from the moment you plan to enter the country. Have a valid email account and have an electronic payment method, since it will be necessary to pay a fee.

By complying with these requirements, the citizens of the Marshall Islands will be able to obtain their ETA, which allows them to stay in the country for up to 30 days, allowing two different entries, enough to know all the splendor of the incredible Sri Lana.

And everything that has to be done to carry out this simple procedure, contact specialists in the request of these documents, who can help themselves and advise you correctly during the process.

Some advice

The process to obtain the ETA does not take long, therefore you can have it quickly in your email.

We highly recommend printing the ETA to take it with you physically, as well as carry it on some smart device, such as a phone or a Tablet.

Try to complete the process sometime before the trip. It is difficult for the Sri Lana government to request more documents, but it may be the case that they request more requirements and, to solve this problem, it will take time.

Finally, we recommend you to widely enjoy the country where you will spend your holidays because it is an incredible place.

Sri Lanka Visa for Marshall Islands citizens

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