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Sri Lanka visa for Greek citizens

Sri Lanka visa for Greek citizens – There are different types of visa


This island is called Sri Lanka, which is in southeast India, surrounded by the sea, the shape of the land is like a water droplet, so it is known as a tear in the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka has abundant plankton in the sea, which attracts different types of underwater animals forage here.

The world ’s largest marine mammal- the blue whale, is also a frequent visitor to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon before 1972. When it comes to black tea, everyone must have heard of Ceylon black tea.

The strong and aromatic taste has become European’s favorite for breakfast. During the colonial period, Sri Lanka was the most significant exporting market with spices and tea in the world.

Looking at history, we might have heard about the Sinhalese, who moved from northern India, became the earliest immigrants in Sri Lanka, and were subsequently converted to Buddhism under the influence of the Maurya Empire, making Sri Lanka one of the essential Buddhist countries nowadays.

Since January 1st, 2012, the Sri Lankan government officially introduced and Implemented Electronic Visa (It’s called Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA).
People who travel to Sri Lanka for sightseeing, business, or transit must obtain an electronic visa in advance.

The application process becomes simpler and more convenient; it only takes a few minutes to complete. Greeks are also included in the ETA program. You do not need to go to the embassy in person but submitting the form online with your passport details.

eTA To Sri Lanka

There are different types of visa, which are transit, business, and tourist visa. Travelers must obtain it before traveling to Sri Lanka.

They are not allowed to apply for it in the country. The validity of the ETA is six months from issuance.

sri lanka visa

The travelers do not need to attach a copy of the passport; therefore, the applicant must make sure the data provided in the application is totally accurate and match the information written in the passport.

Transit ETA it is suitable for people who are planning to travel through Sri Lanka to other countries.

With the permit, they are allowed to stay a maximum of 2 days. There are no documents required while submitting the form.

However, the immigration officers may ask the applicants to provide the ticket to the next destination at borders.

Tourist ETA is dedicated to travelers who are planning to participate in sports events, yoga classes, visiting relatives and friends, sightseeing, and medical treatments. The ETA is for double entry, and the travelers can stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days in total.

Applicants must make sure the passport number in the online form is correct.

Otherwise, they might face inconveniences at the borders.

Business ETA is good for you if you would like to attend conferences, negotiate the business cooperation, or join the short term training.

Holders of business ETA can stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days with multiple entries. In other words, applicants can enter as many times as they need, but the total of stay cannot exceed 30 days.

How to apply ETA to Sri Lanka for Greek citizens

The government of Sri Lanka provided this convenient way for travelers to get the permit before traveling to the country. Each person needs to have a valid permit while entering Sri Lanka. The government does not provide group or family ETA.

How easy can the process be? The whole procedure can be done within 10 minutes.

Applicants simply need to submit an online form on ETA to Sri Lanka with passport details.

sri lanka visa

The next step is to make a payment of the application, which costs 69 EUR. After that, your form will be reviewed by specialists. The result will be sent to your email address within 72 hours.

Once the ETA is approved, the ETA is automatically linked to your passport number.

The customs can find the data in the system. There’s no need for the applicants to print out the approval. Only a passport with the validity of at least six months needs to be provided at the borders.

Sri Lanka visa for Greek citizens

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