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Sri Lanka Visa for Monégasque citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Monégasque citizens


Visiting the most interesting corners of the world for tourists, as a rule, involves the compulsory visa application. Agree, this is not always convenient to do due to lack of time, the remoteness of the location of Embassies and Consulates, or extra money for overpaying to travel agencies.

Having learned from tourist news about the possibility of obtaining an electronic Sri Lanka visa for Monégasque citizens, many tourists from Monaco began to actively plan their holidays on an exotic island.

This is not surprising, because eTA can be obtained without a mandatory visit to the visa center or consulate.

sri lanka visa

What is eTA to Sri Lanka?

ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to Sri Lanka is a permit that must be obtained by air travelers from all countries with which the Sri Lankan government has a visa-free regime, including Monaco.

This type of permit is a dual visa with a three-month corridor for use. The main advantage, in this case, is that you have the opportunity, after receiving an eTA, to fly to the Maldives or India or even Malaysia, and then fly back to Ceylon on the same visa within 30 days.

Types of electronic visa to visit Sri Lanka

To enter Ceylon, any tourist must apply for eTA of one of the following types:

1) Tourist. The purpose of the trip is leisure, visiting attractions, or cultural events.

2) Business. It is necessary for a visit to the country in order to:

  • opening and running your own business or as a business partner;
  • sale and purchase, quality control of purchased goods, the establishment of trade relations;
  • training for employees of international companies and employees of local enterprises;
  • installation and maintenance of equipment, organization, and implementation of tourism activities.

3) Transit. The purpose of obtaining this visa is a trip to another state through the airports of Sri Lanka. Staying in the country in transit should not exceed 72 hours for each entry.

Applying for an electronic visa to Sri-Lanka

To apply for an electronic visa, you need:

  • Go to the website https://visa-sri-lanka.com/,
  • In online mode, fill in all fields of the questionnaire.
  • Attach scans of necessary documents through a special form.
  • Pay the consular fee,
  • Wait for a decision on issuing a visa,
  • Print the received electronic visa.

A printed copy of the eTA must be presented upon arrival at the airport. After that, they will stamp the passport.

Such a visa is suitable if the purpose of the trip is leisure, a short-term business meeting, or a meeting with relatives (friends).

The reason for the refusal to issue a visa may be errors in its filling out, incorrect photo formats, or copies of a passport, as well as a ban on entry due to a former violation of Sri Lanka’s migration control by a specific tourist.

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

Traditionally, the time when it is better to relax in Sri Lanka is considered the period from November to April. At this time, Sri Lanka has a high season.

Its main feature from the low season in Sri Lanka is no rains. After all, in the summer there is a rainy season, which scares off many tourists.

However, in fact, the summer months are a time when traveling to Sri Lanka is relatively cheap. And you can’t be afraid of rains, because they go only at night, and by morning the land has time to dry out.

True, deep into the country at this time it is better not to meddle, the road is successfully eroding. So, if you choose the time when it is better to go to Sri Lanka for an overview of the sights, it is better to postpone the trip until winter.

Otherwise, you just risk not getting to them.

sri lanka visa

Places worth visiting in Ceylon

In Sri Lanka, you can look at the majestic Buddhist temples, ride an elephant, try real Ceylon tea, sunbathe on the beach, go diving, surfing or rafting. According to tourists’ reviews, the most interesting places for visitors to Sri Lanka are such unique places as:

1) The Temple of Dalada Maligawa in Kandy. One of the four teeth of the Buddha, preserved after the cremation of his body, is stored in the temple. This relic came to Ceylon in 371 and has since been carefully guarded by representatives of the royal dynasty.

2) Royal Botanic Garden. Here you can take a walk surrounded by exotic trees, flowers, palm groves and thickets of bamboo. Huge pavilions with orchids and cacti, as well as the Japanese garden are noteworthy. Hundreds of bright tropical birds and funny monkeys live in the garden, who are not afraid to approach tourists.

3) Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple. The temple is located near the ancient Sri Lankan capital. It was built or rather cut down in the thickness of the rock in the II century BC. A gigantic rock mass hangs over the temple complex, which impresses even experienced travelers. At the foot of the cliff, a huge Buddha statue meets the guests, and an amazing wavy staircase strewn with flowers leads to the temple.sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Monégasque citizens



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