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Sri Lanka Visa for Palauan citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Palauan citizens


Sri Lanka is a South Asian island nation located on the southeast coast of India with a population of over 20 million.

Today, this wonderful country has become a tourist attraction due to the great diversity of cultures formed by this large population. Also throughout the year, you can enjoy an extensive calendar of festivals because they are closely related to the traditions of religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

For Palauan citizens, watching Sri Lanka’s outdoor shows is one of their best experiences as they bring together in one place colorful jugglers, dancers, torch-bearers, illuminated elephants, and the biggest birthday cakes you can imagine.

But, to enter the country you need an electronic travel authorization, which will be described below.

sri lanka visa

Easy step-by-step guide for Palauan citizens to apply for an eTA to Sri Lanka

Palauan citizens have the advantage of applying for electronic authorization via the Internet, which makes the process more convenient and efficient at the same time. Before you start filling out the form, it is important to have your passport and credit card handy.

Within the first step, the Palauan citizen must fill out a very simple form but must include all your data, and especially the passport number.

The electronic authorization to Sri Lanka is linked to the passport number, so it is important to place it without typing mistakes.

The second step is to make the payment for the service. Cards from all internationally recognized banks are accepted. Finally, you should wait for an email where you will receive your approval response for the eTA to Sri Lanka.

Special considerations for Palauan citizens to be aware of before applying for an eTA to Sri Lanka

Although it is very simple to apply, it is better to take into account the following considerations to avoid delays in the approval of the electronic travel authorization:

  • The passport of the Palauan citizen must be valid for at least six months. Furthermore, the passport must be issued in Palauan.
  • The credit card must be pre-authorized for online payments, so you must ensure in advance your card allows you to make the transaction immediately to avoid delays.
  • The authorization is issued within 72 hours but it is recommended the Palauan citizen doesn’t wait until the last minute to make the application, no later than 90 hours before the trip you should apply to avoid later setbacks.
  • An eTA to Sri Lanka only authorizes a Palauan citizen to stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days. For longer trips, you should apply for a regular visa.
  • There are only 3 types of e-visas available for Palauan citizens, authorization for tourism, business or transit. Only in the transit authorization, the Palauan citizen has 24 hours available to stay in Sri Lanka, all other authorizations offer 30 days.

sri lanka visa

Curiosities every Palauan traveler in Sri Lanka should know about the languages spoken

When the Palauan traveler is granted an eTA to Sri Lanka, you have in your hands the best opportunity to meet a country which will dazzle you from all its cultural, historical and natural aspects, but it will be very important if you know beforehand how you can communicate in this fabulous country.

The official languages in Sri Lanka are Sinhalese and Tamil, although English becomes the mother tongue of 10% of the population, being the most spoken foreign language in the country.

In general, the population uses more the Sinhalese language which is composed of 52 letters whose writing has no similarity with English. As for the Tamil language, it is also official in countries such as India, Singapore, and certain parts of Malaysia.

It is estimated that about 5 million people in Sri Lanka speak Tamil, after all, it is the oldest continuously spoken classical language in the world.

Although languages such as French and Spanish are unknown in this country.

It is fascinating for a traveler to walk the streets of Sri Lanka and delight in the cultural diversity that exists, and to see how so many different beliefs can live together under one roof, respecting each other.

Without a doubt, for a Palauan citizen to travel to Sri Lanka will be to open up to a new way of seeing life and enjoying it to the fullest. So don’t leave anything to the last minute and make your request for your eTA to Sri Lanka today.

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Palauan citizens


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