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Sri Lanka Visa for Mongolian citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Mongolian citizens


Traveling is one of the best decisions we can make in our lives because through travel we can live extraordinary experiences, meet new cultures, relax from the stress of everyday life and enjoy all the benefits that new places have to offer us.

That is why many people choose to travel to other countries for their vacations, knowing how enriching this is for our spirit, body and mind.

But at the same time, although it is a refreshing experience, traveling brings with it only one problem, which is deciding where to travel. Since we live in such a wide world, with so many different places, it is very difficult to choose the ideal place to spend our vacations.

sri lanka visa

It is for this reason that many people lately choose to visit Sri Lanka, a country located on the Indochinese peninsula, also known as the Tear of India, that is one of the most popular tourist destinations today.

Its magnificent natural landscapes (such as its tea plantations, an ideal place for hiking), its incredible architectural monuments and cultural heritage, and the competitive prices together with the quality of its people make Sri Lanka an ideal destination.

Travel to Sri Lanka

Before traveling to Sri Lanka, it is necessary to previously know some important aspects of the country.

Beyond knowing what will be the places that will be visited during the trip or accommodation options, it is necessary to know what the country’s policies are respecting to tourists, that is, what are the requirements that the country asks the tourists who want visit it.

In the case of Sri Lanka, unlike many other countries, it is only necessary to have a permit that allows tourist entry into the country.

In the past, obtaining this permit was a bit difficult, since it had to be done from an embassy and they asked for many requirements. But nowadays to obtain permission to enter Sri Lanka there are more facilities.

Since the implementation of the new ETA system a few years ago, citizens of some countries can access permission to enter the country more easily and more quickly. Let’s see what the ETA is about.

Sri Lanka visa for Mongolian citizens

The ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization is a kind of visa, which works as a permit to enter Sri Lanka. It was recently implemented and it is a modern solution for citizens of some countries, with the benefit of being able to access a visa quickly, without unnecessary requirements and at a reasonable price.

The ETA lasts up to 30 days and allows up to two entries into the country, which means that you can leave and then reenter once, counting the duration for the time the person remains in the country.

The requirements to apply for this visa are the following:

  • Have a passport valid for at least six months from one of the countries eligible to apply for the ETA, in this case, a Mongolian passport. It must also have at least one blank page.
  • It will be necessary to have an electronic payment method since it will be necessary to pay a fee.

As you can see, they are extremely simple requirements. Once you have them all at hand, you will have to fill out a form, which we will talk about next.

sri lanka visa

How to get a Sri Lanka visa for Mongolian citizens

Keeping the requirements in hand, the process is very simple. For this, you need to access the website of a company in charge of doing this type of procedure such as (insert page here), and, once there, you can fill out a simple form that will not take you more than a few minutes.

And in case you need help, you can count on the support of an operator. And once the form is ready, it is submitted and in a matter of a few days, your ETA will be approved to visit Sri Lanka.

It is recommended that, to visit this country, take printed travel documents, as well as carrying them in a digital medium such as a phone or a Tablet.

Of the rest, it only remains for you to enjoy your wonderful trip to Sri Lanka, the tear of India.

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Mongolian citizens



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