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Sri Lanka Visa for Panamanian citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Panamanian citizens


Every year, the unique & ancient country located in Ceylon island is becoming increasingly popular among tourists.

The magnificent beaches, the warm Indian Ocean, and the rich cultural heritage make it possible to spend an unforgettable vacation in Sri Lanka at any time of the year.

One of the reasons for the great popularity of this tourism destination is the introduced eTA permit system, which makes it possible to easily and quickly obtain a Sri Lanka visa for Panamanian citizens and citizens of many other countries of the world.

sri lanka visa

Electronic visa – the most convenient way to visit Sri Lanka

For a trip to Sri Lanka for up to 30 days, Panamanians require an entry permit. Previously, it could be issued in two ways: on the website or upon arrival at the airport. Now all visas must be issued in advance.

To do this, fill out the form on the website https://visa-sri-lanka.com/ and wait for a response letter to the mail. The filling time is a maximum of 15 minutes.

Print the letter and present it when passing the migration control or take a screenshot of the letter on the phone.

Getting eTA online without leaving your home is a very profitable way to plan your Sri Lanka vacation in every way.

The key advantage of this type of permit is that you have the opportunity to get a visa quickly and without unnecessary financial costs.

In addition, you can apply for an electronic visa in advance up to 90 days before the date of your trip.

eTA application requirements

Before applying for an electronic visa online, make sure that you have met the following requirements:
Your passport will be valid for at least 6 months,
• Your children are inscribed on your passport,
• You are not included in the “blacklist” of people who are denied entry to Sri Lanka.

Beach season in Sri Lanka

Due to the fact that Sri Lanka is located near the equator, the hot weather here is year-round, and as a result, you can also swim at any time of the year. The water temperature in summer is around +28 ° C, and in winter it is slightly cooler (so to speak) – +26 ° C – + 27 ° C.

However, during the rainy season in the southwest, there is a high probability of tsunamis that carry off into the depths of the ocean and coastal cafes, and people with them, but not in early May and June, when it is quite calm in this part of the island.

The weather in Sri Lanka is a little predictable thing, and the same season can take place under different climatic conditions.

If you can’t imagine your vacation on the island without a beach component, then get tickets for December-April – precipitation is not excluded, but the likelihood of sunny, calm weather is maximum.

sri lanka visa

What money to take with you on a trip to Ceylon?

As in other Asian countries, it is better to take dollars with you to Sri Lanka. You can exchange them at any bank, of which there are many throughout the country. Even in a small village, there is always a bank, and most often, not one.

For currency exchange, you must present a passport or a copy of it. In hotels, the course is always unprofitable, it is completely unsafe to change the market or for private individuals, there are a lot of reviews from deceived tourists online.

Despite the fact that the official currency is considered the Sri Lankan rupee, in many guesthouses, small shops, with taxi drivers and for an excursion, you can pay in dollars and euros.

Locals will be happy to take foreign currency, however, this method of payment will most often be disadvantageous for you (they will be counted at the rate favorable to them).

What place in Sri Lanka to choose for a good vacation?

The choice of place for your vacation in Sri-Lanka depends on the time of year and the purpose of the trip. If you plan an active trip and expect to visit many attractions, then there is no point in staying in one place.

The fact is that everything interesting is located quite far from the coast, and it is difficult to regularly go on excursions from one hotel.

It is necessary to constantly move, so it is more convenient to book hotels along the entire route.

If you are planning a passive beach holiday, then you can safely choose the south-west coast in the winter months, and the northeast in the summer months.

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Panamanian citizens

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