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Sri Lanka Visa for Montenegrin citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Montenegrin citizens


Sri Lanka is one of the countries that have decided to move their entire visa for Montenegrin citizens’ policy to the Internet. The country has recently announced a system of applying online for an Electronic Travel Authorization.

The whole process can be completed online, and it takes just a few minutes to fill in an online form.

To obtain a Sri Lanka visa for Montenegrin citizens, you only need to prepare a few things that are most likely already in your possession.

The most crucial information you will be requested to provide in the application form is your passport number and email address.

The processing time for a Sri Lankan visa usually takes up to 24 h; however, if the process is extended in your case, there is absolutely no reason for your concern.

Sometimes due to the amount of work, the government needs more time to process an application. The time frame that the government will require does not influence the final decision that will be made.

sri lanka visa

What documents are required to apply for Sri Lankan visa for Montenegrin citizens, and what are the requirements?

The government of Sri Lanka does not require any additional documentation from the citizens of Montenegro. There is no need to provide either physical form or digital.

The nationals of Montenegro only need to complete an online form, which can be completed online. Apart from applying through the platform on the Internet, there are some requirements each person must obey to get an approval note.

The most critical condition that concerns each applicant regardless of nationality is that the passport validity must exceed six months (180 days).

If the person fails to meet the following requirement, an ETA application will never be processed by the government.

The processing time usually does not exceed 24h (one working day); however, it’s advised to apply with at least three days before the departure. Due to some unforeseeable circumstances, sometimes, the Sri Lankan government chooses to work for a more extended period on specific applications for Montenegrin citizens.

The processing time of your request for a Sri Lankan ETA does not influence the government’s decision. The approval note might come into your inbox after two hours, as well as after two days.


sri lanka visa

What are the steps of applying for electronic travel authorization to Sri Lanka?

For the convenience of the user, the entire process has been simplified to three approachable steps. All of them can be completed without ever having to leave their homes.

The first step of applying online for a Sri Lankan ETA for Montenegrin citizens consists of providing the most crucial personal data.

Before you proceed to the next level, you need to make sure that all passport details match witch the original document, that your date of birth has been selected correctly, and that your email address.

The accuracy of the data which has been noted on the document you intend to travel with will decide about the validity of your ETA to Sri Lanka.

If your passport number or date of birth has been provided incorrectly, the electronic travel authorization you have applied for will not entitle your entry to the country territory.

As for the accuracy of the email address, even though your ETA is granted, the confirmation of your authorization being approved will be sent to your inbox.

You will not be notified through any other communication channel. To avoid any delays and miscommunication, make sure that there are no spelling errors in the contact details you have provided.

Once you have completed the first part, you will be transferred to the payment page. There will be plenty of payment methods available for your reference, and you will be expected to choose the most convenient one.

If you encounter any technical difficulties or other errors at any of the steps, please contact support@evisa.express.

Now that you have learned all the steps and requirements for Sri Lanka visa for Montenegrin citizens, use the link to apply online for an ETA.

sri lanka visa

Sri Lanka Visa for Montenegrin citizens




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